At Everfun we strive to give you enjoyable, fun, exciting, and amazing outdoor experiences. When you focus on the footprints of human exploration and the driving force of human activities you will witness that outdoor activities are a mode of self-expression and extension of human life or the possibility of another way of exploration. For an outdoor brand, we have to use the power of technology to ring your quality of life to the wild and let it diffuse into sublimity in the fresh environment and air. 

Through our cool designs, we make you enjoy a different outdoor life. Because we at Everfun believe that outdoor life is not a mere sport but the path to a cool life. 


A wonderfully cool lifestyle in the wild! 

Everyfun has originated from the inspiration of exploration and understanding the true meaning of outdoor activities. For many travellers, outdoor activities are symbolic of the human conquest of nature. It is introspection, meditation, and a kind of asceticism. Therefore over the years, it has become a medium of showing the world their physical functions and conquering spirit. Embodying this instinct is a mark of a rejuvenating and healthy lifestyle. This is universal and emanates in people’s hearts. 

Our range of best lunchbox coolers keep you going! 

When it comes to keeping your food and drinks cold there are a couple of things you must consider. For beginners, you need a cooler that is cooler backpack insulated leak proof. This will ensure that your perishables stay fresh chilled and cold. This also keeps it safe from moisture-filled and wet environments. Our particular lunchbox cooler is made with from durable and strong material with a built-in ice pack. Moreover, its sleek design will also complement your outfit. Our lunchbox model is also large enough to fit most of your items but still is portable remains lightweight and is easy to carry.  

It comes with built-in temperature control! 

You can also control the temperature inside your lunchbox. No matter what type of lunchbox you choose make sure it has adjustable temperature settings. This way you can make sure that your food stays at the desired temperature all day long. Furthermore, the ability to customize your cooling experience can help make your travel more convenient and comfortable. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly lunchbox along with great quality we offer you something superior. 

Best leakproof lunchbox cooler for day and night Adventures! 

You must check out our list of the best lunchbox coolers for hiking. They are insulated, and leakproof and come in a variety of shapes and sizes which are tailored to everybody ‘s needs. Before the day adventure trip, you find the unique and stylish collection of hiking cooler lunchboxes which are designed for your comfort. Also if you are a backpacker and constantly on the go our lunchbox cooler is your best bet. Our products come with a water-repellent exterior and thermal insulation so they can handle whatever you bring on. 


Have a Look at the key features and description  

Everfun lunchbox cooler is insulated with a thickened 10 mm foam together with an advanced silver PEVA seal for blocking UV rays to keep beverages and food items chilled and cool for up to 20 hours all day. Next, it is waterproof and lightweight. Our lunch boxes are made with scratch-resistant nylon material with extra PU coating ensuring 100% waterproof and easy to clean. The Lightweight portable design with an adjustable padded strap and back makes it easier to use. It is roomy enough to pack meals, snacks and small can beverages. It has enough compartments to stuff in your wholesome meals. 

A best-in-class experience! 

We care for giving you an exceptional experience when it comes to lunchbox coolers. When out in nature the weather can be unpredictable and many boxes simply can’t withstand the elements. With our lunchbox coolers, you can pack everything you need and not have to worry about it getting soggy or wet. Cleaning our box is also a fast and simple process and which makes it a perfect choice for your long adventure trips! Everfun brings you an unforgettable experience at an affordable range.