Getting out in nature with those you love can allow you to reconnect with one another, experience new places, get exercise, and see all of the beauty in this incredible world. However long hikes and weekends away can be stressful (and expensive) if you don’t plan ahead. Us folks at Everfun thought we’d go through what to pack to make your picnic hike unforgettable!

Plenty Of Water

The most important thing to pack for your weekend picnic hike is water! It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people aren't fully prepared for the hike and end up drinking most of their water before they even get to the picnic. Allowing yourself to get dehydrated can not only ruin the experience, but it can be unsafe. Our packing tip is to bring water for the hike that you hold or attach to your bag, and additional water in your backpack cooler with sliced cucumber or lemon to make it ultra-refreshing.  

An Insulated Cooler

When we think of coolers, generally we think of those heavy tubs that you have to pull by the handle. But not at Everfun! We offer portable cooler backpacks. Packing a portable cooler allows you to keep perishable foods fresh, and beverages ice cold. These make all the difference for a picnic hike, particularly if it’s a hot day.

Fresh Healthy Foods

Packing cut-up veggies, fresh fruits, granola, and trail mix are important for a picnic hike. Veggies are packed with hydration and granola and trail mix have protein and fiber that will keep you fuller for longer, meaning you can hike further. Make them more fun by adding your favorite dip, spread, or hummus, or bring fresh heirloom tomatoes and some burrata cheese, but make sure everything is in separate sealed containers and kept cold.

Everything Charcuterie

Individually wrapped cheese, meats, and crackers will turn your picnic into a culinary retreat. Our favorites are our salami, brie, and swiss but it's totally up to you! Be sure to pack a small wooden cutting board so that you can display your charcuterie board beautifully, as well as napkins.

Fun Main Meals

There are tons of interesting mains you can pack, as long as you keep them cool as you hike. A premade pasta salad is a delicious option or even homemade sushi rolls. Spinach quiche and deviled eggs are also great but you have to pack those in an insulated cooler because they can get smelly fast! Just remember, you don't have to opt for the traditional turkey sandwiches or roast beef pinwheels for your picnic unless that’s what you want.

Something To Sit On  

We’ve been guilty of thinking we could just sit on the ground to eat, but it ends up being dusty, dirty, and during the summer bugs central. Our tip is to have one person carry the blanket, sunscreen, and other essentials, while one person carries the insulated cooler with the food and drinks.

We hope we helped in packing your picnic hike and the weekend is unforgettable!