The game-changing Land Bridge in Memorial Park is about to open to the public after years of work. The Memorial Park Conservancy and its collaborators will organize "The Biggest Picnic in Texas" to celebrate the historic occasion at 10 a.m. Sunday, February 13.

This free, family-friendly bash at the park grounds (7575 Picnic Ln.) will serve up picnic baskets full of park-friendly provisions from H-E-B (free while supplies last). Additional food and beverages will also be available for purchase. According to an event advertisement, attendees can anticipate live music, face painting, self-guided tours of the Land Bridge and Prairie project, and more.

The 100-acre location is meant to be explored, and those who do so can earn stamps in a personal passport booklet and even win prizes as part of the event's quest, "The Great Prairie Adventure." The conservancy, together with the City of Houston, Houston Parks and Recreation Department, Kinder Foundation, and Uptown Houston, are all sponsors of the event.

Picnic Food Ideas

  1. Flatbread with French Onions

Consider this rich but simple cheese bread as a mess-free way to bring French onion soup to a picnic.

  1. An appetiser board

A nicely crafted snack board is practically designed for munching while relaxing on the grass, perhaps with a glass of something cold and sparkly.

  1. Dark chocolate bark with pistachio and hazelnut roasting

At a picnic, dessert is a must-have! This portable snack is delectable and simple.

  1. Asparagus Quiche

An underrated addition to a picnic is quiche. Careful picnickers may pick up the strong pie and eat it with their hands, pizza-style. It is lightweight and portable.

  1. Any Fruit Crisp

Think of this as less of a recipe and more a template, so you can turn whatever you have on hand into a scoop-worthy picnic treat.

  1. Roast Beef Baguette

Dress up your sandwiches by making Roast Beef Baguettes with a spicy horseradish butter and topped with pickled onions and peppery watercress.

  1. Chicken Curry Salad

For a reason, chicken salad is a staple of picnic fare: the delectable, creamy meal somehow tastes better when consumed outside. Put a lot of it between slices of sourdough bread or, if you like, use Indian naan to emphasize the curry taste. 

  1. Pasta in Spring with Dill, Peas, and Salmon

This fresh dill and pea pasta is excellent when served warm, but the pasta salad version the next day is much better. Place a container in the insulated cooler after packing it.

  1. Raspberry Crumb Bars

One of the best things about summer is fresh raspberries. Keep a few aside though for these simple, nutty bars. They travel nicely and are a satisfying dessert after a meal.

  1. Dogwood Punch

The ideal beverage for unwinding on the picnic blanket while the youngsters run around and play is this strawberry lemonade and sparkling rosé combination for adults only.

Picnic Packing List

A picnic can be one of the most pleasurable ways to spend time outside during the warmer months, whether you're at the beach or a park and you've got all the necessary supplies. But what essentials should you pack for your picnic?

Below, you'll find the comprehensive list of everything you need to bring in order to have a successful and fashionable picnic.

  • Food and drinks

Making sure you have enough food and drink is the simplest method to guarantee the good times never end. Think about sharing dishes like a cheeseboard that has been expertly assembled. Make sure you put the food in the cooler lunch box.

  • Picnic basket

It is essential to have a good-sized basket to transport your valuables in, and if you can find one that is fashionable as well, it makes for a sweet decor item for the big day. Consider using a picnic backpack instead if you've scouted a place that demands a bushwalk or if you intend to jump between multiple locations.

  • Picnic blanket

A blanket is a vital must for any enjoyable picnic because it will shield you from sand and mud and provide a more comfortable surface on which to sit and kneel.

  • Plates, glasses, and utensils

There is no need to produce additional waste, so make sure you have enough cutlery for each guest and only use non-disposable plates, glasses, utensils, and paper napkins.

  • Napkins, wipes, and sanitiser

At picnics, things may get messy very quickly, so it's important to have napkins and wipes on hand.

  • Soft cooler

If you're bringing along a lot of food and beverages that should remain cold until served, a good quality cooler may be best suited for your needs.

  • Thermos containers

Pack cooked food that must be consumed hot or warm in a thermos container if you are carrying it. In order to avoid contamination, the meal will remain at a safe temperature over 140 F. Icepacks can also be used to keep water or cold drinks chilled.

  • Garbage Bags

Bring garbage bags with you in case your picnic location lacks a trash can for any leftover food or disposable goods. You should also bring a plastic bag to store your dirty glasses and dishes in order to prevent staining your nice picnic basket.