EVERFUN originated from the exploration and thinking of the true meaning of outdoor activities. For many people, outdoor activity is a kind of extreme conquest and self- challenge, a kind of asceticism, and a symbol of human conquest of nature. Therefore, it has gradually become the patent of a few people and a trophy for showing off their physical functions and conquering spirit. But if you can touch the essence and heart of outdoor activities, you will find that outdoor activities are just humans returning to nature. Embracing instinct is a fresh and healthy lifestyle. It is universal and exists in people's hearts. Primal impulse. It is based on this thinking that we began to think about another possibility of outdoor activities.
When you retract your horizons from extreme environments and lofty mountains, focus on the footprints of human exploration, and focus on the driving force of human outdoor activities, you will find that outdoor activities are just an extension of human life, or the possibility of another way of life. For an outdoor brand, what we have to do is to use the power of technology to ring your quality life to the wild and let it sublime in the fresh environment and air. We hope that through a "cool" design, let you enjoy a different outdoor life, but also hope that through hard work and perseverance, let the earth cool down. Because EVERFUN has always believed that outdoor is not just a sport, it is also a belief, a cool life.